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Teams for FoS 8 and 9

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  • AzureDrummer
    started a topic Teams for FoS 8 and 9

    Teams for FoS 8 and 9

    I'm having a lot of trouble with FoS 8 and 9. I can breeze through all the other levels with Arita (L), Nightingale, and Hanzo but in the last 2 levels I always die at one point for some reason.

    I want to try out other teams but this is FoS so I don't wanna waste gems on this. Here is a list of my heroes:

    6*: Arita, Leon, Stanya, Hanzo, Crow, Cano, Korin, Mew, Nightingale, Yeowoodong

    5*: Kaori, Achilles, Alexander, Giparang, Spiny, Archon, Benjamin, Sasquatch

    4*: Lionel, Monte, Drake, Sigruna, Niven, Robin Hood, Sentinel, Rachel, Aria, Nurspy, Stein

    Any ideas?

  • Nimdanet
    FoS8 - best tip ever: he only does physical damage (joan?)
    FoS9 - Abel or Roche (with sbw both) + prestina solo (use prestina when he dash)

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  • LJW002
    I use Mew+2 Stein+3 Uzimant+Max
    All 6 star, + 6 Star SBW

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  • Renita
    So, of the heroes you have, I have beaten fos 8 with korin, mew, Leon. All sbw with mediocre to bad upgrade stats. All atleast 4+ bread levels. Saddly it takes a lot of time to build teams for fos 8 and 9. 9 really gives old weapons almost everyday so just focus on fos 8 for a while. As mzma said, you need some sbw to be reliably killing soltar. As well as having your team fairly well upgraded with bread and even some berries. Hp berries are so helpful and armor is more important than resistance because soltar does physical damage.

    Heroes that you have with really good sbw: korin, Rachel, cano, hanzo, mew, yeo, and even your other healers.

    Also, you seem to have a very short list of heroes so you may need to expand upon that list with some upgrading of 3 stars or purchasing gems.

    Mzma listed some good combos to look out for but keep in mind that still means you need sbw and bread and berries.

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  • MZMA
    1. Korin teams have the highest success rate from what I keep hearing. I don't know if her SBW is needed (though I guess it would be preferable to have it). Korin/Mew/filler
    2. I've heard about a Leon/Mew duo, but I'm sure they both have good SBWs and berry stats.
    3. Joan w/ SBW can tank Soltar since he deals physical damage. Try getting her. Joan/Yeo/chaser dps
    4. Heroes that can solo Soltar: Abel, Rochefort, Uzimant. More or less needs SBW. And life steal.

    Notice a pattern here? You would need SBWs to reliably best floor 8 and 9. All to go with the story, I suppose.

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