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  • Nurspy as Maria Substitute

    I recently got two D'artagnan's and I saw somewhere that having two D'arts and a Maria would be effective seeing as D'art's passive has a chance to activate each time she's healed, hence why Maria is great since her blocks heals 8 times. Nurspy isn't as tanky, and her passive isn't as good, but I was wondering if it's viable for her to be a substitution seeing as her blocks also heals 8 times. If not, would Yeowoodong as a leader work better?

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    With all my respects let me analize your case :

    1 / Maria, D art , D art :

    The most important reason to combine 2 D arts's with Maria its because of her 8 constant heal's
    But since your D arts's will 1 chain, Maria debuff will be wasted too. (Remember that D art passive was nerfed)
    Another reason to use this combination its because Maria its one of the most tanky priest.
    But honestly, if you are going to use 2 squishy heroes with Burst DPS's ... Your goal its to kill faster or to be killed. So the "X heroe will tank my 2 burst dps " idea its wrong.
    In that case i would recommend to use the classic 1 DPS, 1 Tank, 1 Healer comp to have better results > like Roland.Maria.Dart. or something like that.

    2 / Nurpsy. D art, D art :

    Nurpsy has 8 constant heal's like Maria.
    Maybe her passive its not that good but she can deal some damage and that's a plus because she's not going to just Heal and help you to trigger your Darts passive.
    BUT since D art passive was nerfed, Nurpsy passive will be wasted too. But its a better idea since your team its a DPS team after all.

    3 / Yeowodong , D art, D art :

    Honestly i dont like this comp because Yeowodong heals 1 time, in other words, you must wait to be healed to use your D art's blocks.
    Lets remember that Yewodong have the particular ability to generate blocks so its normal to think that Its not a bad idea but if you really want to do this, remember that she's a 3 chainer and she's squisy like your D'arts so... think by yourserlf what would happen if you try this in PVC. (Pray to survive till you have your 3 blocks. Good luck with that)

    Summarize :

    I saw a lot of this comp and to be honest its really easy to beat them.
    If you really insist to use it. Then i would recommend >

    Himiko SBW, 2 Dart.
    Woopa Wommpa Leader *3 chains*, 2 D art.
    NIGHTINGALE Sbw, 2 Dart.
    Mundeok SBW, 2 Dart.

    Just my opinion.


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      Noted. Thank you very much! I've been thinking about it and maybe it's better to hae a DPS/Healer/Tank team after all. I mean, those fast one-block-spammers may seem cool but they're very squishy too, and face one tanky team and I'm dead. I don't have Roland or Mundeok, or Mario even like I said, but Alexander and Nurspy (Or I can try for a Woopa if he's still a better option even with a tank) before I get those other better heroes.


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        If you really really love and like D'art then let me recomend you a later and effective PVC, PVE, FoS and even World Boss comp.

        1 . Get Roland. Roland heals can trigger D art passive.
        Get Roland SBW. Max it. DD > Armor on each option.
        Roll Premium Contract and get Vane just for his skil *Avatar of Protection*
        Transfer that skill to Roland and try to Trascend it.

        2. Get Cano. She will be the leader of your party and the main DPS.
        Get Cano SBW. Max it. AA > Resis Penetration or Attack Power % on each option.
        Roll Premium Contract and get Lilith just for her skill *Shadow Clones*
        Transfer that skill to Cano. Transcend it.

        3 . Get D art SBW. Max it. AA > Armor penetration or Attack power % on each option.
        Trascend her original skill Lapiz Lazuli.

        Roland/D art/Cano.
        Of course there are better combinations... Your tastes.
        Try it and then tell me...
        That's all.

        Good luck and good gaming.


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          Already halfway there then! Ish. I have Cano, got her SBW weapon, but the slots suck (DD). Okay, maybe not HALFway there yet. I only have the heroes, I can't even beat The Void-20 to try and get Roland (I'm gonna try once the dungeon opens up again. Hopefully next week) and collecting SBW weapons, getting good slots and collecting the resources (crystals and iron mostly) seems like it's gonna take me at least a month or so to collect. Not to mention Lillith would require me being lucky to get Shadow Clone (already got Vane.) Any advice? Anything would be appreciated. I learned to like D'art while levelling her up, and I think she could be great. Would a screenshot of my current heroes help? Anything. (Sorry, I'm still learning to properly play this game. Anything I find on the internet are very outdated it seems.)


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            another problem I see with 2 darts and maria/nurpsy is, yes, they heal 8 times, but their healing has an aoe, so since dart, especially when you have her SBW, which makes her great, stays at the spot when firing, you might have the problem, that they dont get healed because they are outside the aoe and so wont activate her passive.
            I think himiko or roland would be a better choice. btw, I am using himiko SBW + dart SBW, and it really it just one block spamming


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              Yeah I've noticed that problem as well when I was testing it out. Not only that, but the positioning of Nurspy's healing thingy-ma-jigg is in front of her, and the D'arts are behind her. So, not very good. Heh, I wish I had Himiko. I heard that she's very, very good.
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                Originally posted by Geminice View Post
                Yeah I've noticed that problem as well when I was testing it out. Not only that, but the positioning of Nurspy's healing thingy-ma-jigg is in front of her, and the D'arts are behind her. So, not very good. Heh, I wish I had Himiko. I heard that she's very, very good.
                Yes, nurspys aoe is even worse than marias. marias is at least in the middle. nurpsys is in the front so it can hit the enemy at the same time. himiko is great, but also got nerfed. before she is godlike for three chain chasers. If you have nightingale, she should also work with dart. or roland, he is not a priest, but he can be used as tank/healer. not that he can heal a lot, but should be enough to trigger dart. woompa is kinda like maria. and I dont have the chance to try out other new priests yet.


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                  I saw somewhere someone using D'art/Woompa(L)/Mew for FOS's final levels, wonder if that would work for Colosseum. Here are the heroes I have so far, anyone I could try to work with? Is it worth training the one level 3 star Priest (not shown for irrelevant reasons) and keep re-rolling until I get a Woompa to try out the healing thingy for D'art? He seems easier to get than Himiko. (Wonder if there'll be a rate up for Himiko any time soon) I feel like I ask too many questions, sorry.


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                    Honestly... if you get himiko with Sbw... i would prefer to combine her with other hero's.
                    Using her with D art its a waste.


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                      Originally posted by JayD View Post
                      Yes, nurspys aoe is even worse than marias.
                      If you use Nurspy as a three-chain chaser then there is no area of effect, all allies are healed regardless of where they are. If you simply call down the syringe as normal, then it is as you say: the area of effect is fairly limited.