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  • roche skin

    Really guys 200 armor and a crit chance boost. I thought skins were supposed to be optional cosmetics/weakness buffs not required add ons to already super strong heros. Why not replaces his armor boost with like a 7% accuracy buff.

    Also in general couldnt some heros get extra res/armor pen on their skins. Like archon would be a gr8 candidate for a free res pen buff or even armor pen since she also does physical damage. I mean she only got 1 stat boost

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    Also costing 40 gems? 10 less from a 10x contract pull, I would maybe get them if they were only 20 or 15.
    Posting in the wrong topic? I too like to live Dangerously


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      Congrats TAOST/Hangames to another milestone of Pay to Win and money hornieness!!!
      It is actually okay to make new costumes give extra stats, it is actually really cool. BUT NOT FOR THIS PRIZE PLEASE!!! 40 gems!!??
      At least it is no RNG in it. :P


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        Cost is fine tbh. It is something to do with colo winnings at end game if you have almost everything else.


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          Ball of stats and cosmetics without rng. I really dont think 40 gems is expensive it only takes 2 weeks of 30% in master which isnt that hard if ur at the level of really worrying over 200 armor.

          I am way more worried about limited time heros that are way too strong without an actual way of getting them. Maybe if we could get a 2000+ bp random limited time hero it would be more fair.