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    Now i'm stucking in Stage 5-22Hard, i tried and tried, but i dont know which hero i should focus on. Which is the best line-up i can build ??
    Here is my hero

    help me plzz (( tks

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    Invest time in world boss battles to gain old weapons because you have great heroes like roche, dart, cano, korin, maria. It would help a lot


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      Yup For Episode 5 In general, I recommand rolland, not the fatest but a safe way to go to the Episode 6. With his stun abilities he calm down all the ennemy's Gunners frequently and then you can freely Destroy the tank and punnish the gunners. Bring vesper which is an incredibly high DPS (or your favorite mass DPS) , and a heal/buffer (like wompa or mew) and your favorite godesse other than prestina if you are patient, else bring rochefort (even without SBW but it's HIGHLY better with) or even another DPS and bring prestina (don't hesitate to abuse of her powers to heal) you have to be careful of your Hp with this method but you can do it (at least I've done it without Roche SBW)

      To answer your question "Which is the best line-up i can build ??", there is no response. On crusaders quest, there are many team possible And it depend on the way you play it.
      Execption of May who do incredibly dammage even without hitting a block or Uzimant (both with 6* SBW) for exemple, even if you have "The ultimate Team" If you dont know how to play it it'll not be the ultimate team.
      Everyone were complaining about May dommination of PvC but recently with the new SBW some team come and are "Anti May" because they nullify the "SpinToWin" of May and durring this whole annimatiion may became just a punching ball ^^

      So try in pratice all your heros and possibility of team (equip soulbound with the practice option and the lv max skill) and remember that th good team is the one that you know how to play.

      And just as tip : "Classic" team is a Main (who needs to do 3 chain to be the best) and 2 chaser who needs an ally 3 chain to be at full potential. you can eventually begin with this

      P.S : Yes vnmeseboi is totaly right, World Boss to farm old weapons for some great heroes that you have this should be a good idea ^^


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        It was so long ago ) I have run through all of it. Right now, i'm playing at Battle Field (H)