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  • Stanya team for help ~

    Hello all the pro and senior out there, as a newbie i just got stanya, may i know which teammate is suitable for him? healers i have are chai woompa and aria, isit neccessary to hunt mew? Thanks !!!

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    Mew is your best choice, because every counter stanya does, generate a block for mew. You also need to hunt down 5* yeo to get EoG for Mew. You can also use Dara with SBW with Stanya, but not as efficient with Mew. As for the rest of the healer as long as they are support they are somewhat good with stanya just not optimal. As for DPS you want 3 chain chaser that can hit both air and land, because the way Stanya hit the target into the air, if your DPS only hit the ground, they will miss most of the time. Good luck forming your team.


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      Good damage dealers to pair with stanya are: arona, magnus (stanya can mess up his seeds though), monte, wilhelm, lilith, atalante and nurspy/dara make a good team, cain works surprisingly well with sbw, hanzo is ok(has problems finishing healers though due to air time)