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Arita is too op

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  • Arita is too op

    Arita is the way too op even without SBW.
    She does more DPS than any Hunter/Wizard.
    Also very tanky as a knight
    I'm not sure she is knight or wizard actually.

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    I agree. I don't even know how to counter her. It takes a few seconds them boom, thorns everywhere and you can't even reach her to attack her.


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      Abel kills her in no time


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        As a user of arita, I find that some units do counter her heavily. Roland works well, as his stun is constantly going off based on her thorns, as well as Koxinga, who, if dodging a lot of the thorn hits, will make short work of arita. Plus, arita is not very tanky for a warrior. Abel also works fairly well, and another arita is a decent counter too. But as a rule you shouldnt't use a hunter against arita unless you have an alex on your team, or a high eva joan, and wizards are not reccommended either. The best counters, or at least better matchups, are probably high damage paladins or warriors in general.