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Team suggestion help please, thx! :)

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  • Team suggestion help please, thx! :)

    Hey I'm having trouble trying to make a hector cano team. I really like these two heroes and think they will work good together with a healer but who?

    These are my thoughts:
    Hector, Mew, Cano
    Mew could make the team invincible and protect them plus creating blocks for cano

    Hector, Beatrice, Cano
    Beatrice would increase hectors passive

    Hector, stein, Cano:
    Stein could make hector take all the damage for his passive

    Hector, Himiko, Cano
    Himiko will weaken the other team so they don't hurt cano too much and help with annoying healers

    Hector, Dara, Cano
    Dara can heal the whole team whenever cano 3 chains

    Note: I do not have Vane for tAop (transcended Avatar of Protection)

    Note: Please let me know if Cano and Hector aren't a good match.

    Note: please suggest the leader aswell, although I'm pretty sure it should be Cano.
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