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Need Arita tips and tricks please

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  • Need Arita tips and tricks please

    Just got my arita and just 6★ her but i'm having doubts about what team i should make
    for now i have:
    6★: SBW archon, mew, alex, rochefort, arita, leon, r0, aria, suzanoo, korin, thor (thats all i guess)
    5★: yeowoodong, another alex, and kaori
    4★: Elphet, uzimant, joan and necron
    and others that i don't think worth mention =P

    So, with my heroes, any good combination for arita? should i wait for better heroes for combo her? keep my archon mew alex team?

    thnks for any help

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    In fact Arita can team up with any units.
    She can spam her block, so she doesnt need any 3 chain.

    I will team her up with
    - Rochefort (L) Mew and Arita (If Rochefort and mew SBW will be better)
    - Korin (L), mew and Arita (If got Korin and Mew SBW will be better)