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What Is The Point Of Berries?

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  • What Is The Point Of Berries?

    When Arita/Dox comp simply rekt your full +5 MAX Berry/SBW team in 3 seconds. All you need to do is activate goddess and you're dead.

    Sure, when the developers nerfed Sneak in the past they said they want to introduce a better PvC system. So is this the better system they are referring to?

    Although I do agree Sneak 1 block spam meta is cancer, AT THE VERY LEAST they are easy to win against. This current Arita/Dox cancer meta is really stupid and I don't even want to imagine what it is like when they have their SBW released.
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    They didn't nerf Sneak, he just fell off of the Meta, and he hit the ground very hard. Though, his Name Change and Design Change could be considered as a nerf


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      nah, it is not problem with berry. if you put it without berry, dox arita will still come out of the top.
      the main problem is that arita is to good with dox. I suggest nerf arita by adding cooldown mechanism in her attack

      well, if you said no point on getting berries, then you just blocked out some of arita dox counter such as koxinga, victoria, roland, abel, beatrice, etc
      the berries are the one that makes them survive vs them. koxinga in eva berry, victoria in armor, roland beatrice in armor and resist. and abel in HP


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        Just go with Abel against them. You should kill them easy