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Need Explain, Vincent is Good...?

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  • Need Explain, Vincent is Good...?

    Need Explain more... cause Vincent its underrated i think...

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    vincent has very strong damage, especially if you can berry his critical damage and critical chance.

    the main downfall is that he is too slow. he needs c3 to increase his crit chance, then he will shoot his passive. this is wayy too long than what people prefer
    with that much time, I can kill with c1 mamba, benji, or use those 3 blocks to get lilith tMS, etc etc.

    the next one is due to mew and shield esp sera. mew is so popular, and her baloon makes everyone invincible. vincent is the type that deals 1 hit. and that one hit will kill.. if not for mew baloon and sera
    another one is that he is bad against himi. himi reduce his CC to puny amount, making him almost impossible to do crit hit

    basically he is too slow and bad against meta these days
    tbh yes he has the potential, but still, can't compete with other metas