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    As you can see on the topic I need help with my team.
    I have a lot of heroes but dont know which one is the best to train so I can clear Tundra.

    My Heroes:
    6-Star: Leon, Abel(SBW), Kriem, Thor, Alex, Drake, Mamba, Hanzo, R-0, Hikari, Slayer Wilhelm, No.9, Archon, Demeter, Korin, Lilith, Rachel, Nazrune, Maria, Mew(SBW), Dara, Yeo(SBW), Woompa.

    5-Star: Rochefort, Lionel, Joan, Sworden, Athena, Giparang, Dart, Crow, Sasquatch, Alice, Mondrian, Nurspy.

    4-Star: Arita, Susanoo, Monte, Kaori, Jin-Kyung, Hector, Achilles, Stanya, Gon, Robin, Niven, Saiga, Dox, Spyro, Vincent, Sentinel, Vesper, Stein, Chai.

    Also please recommend me good Teams with heroes that I have for PvE and WB.

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    for pve joan mew acrchon, Joan mew demeter would all work. I do suggest you get their sbw weapons tho, cuz that makes them much more powerful. At this point in the game (tundra), you should be using your heroes with sbws.

    Giprang is also quite good with sbw. Alex and also be used a substitute for joan if you want to be more defensive.
    You could also try joan woompa rachel for pve.
    It all depends on which sbws you get first because sbw makes heroes much more poweful and can greatly help clearing tundra and later episodes.

    for WB, you can use the joan woompa and rachel team. tho they may be squishy. Dox is also really good for WB with his sbw. Demeter with sbw is also very good. Archon is good too. as mentioned before, it really depends on which sbws u get first.