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Kaori needs a better play style.

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  • Kaori needs a better play style.

    A couple reasons and I'll list them but for a disclaimer.. She's super powerful, so I'm trying to think of ways to not over power her.

    She needs a better passive initiation. Her blocks spawn rather slow compared to other heroes, I've tested it. So the fact we need a 3 chain for her is bonkers.
    Especially when that 3chain is treated as a 2chain. having her three chain become something else entirely would make sense. And her 2chain-1chain passive can stay the same.

    She's also absolutely squishy. Which is a good balance, but it kinda means she runs out of time way too quickly.
    If you're playing on higher level quest areas, and you get an AoE enemy off the bat, she never has the time.

    Now the main argument here would be.. "play another hero."
    But no.. I've a special place in my heart for kaori. She was my first big hero. And she cleared the game for me a few times.

    If not only kaori. Maybe the older heroes can use a look at their passives.

    I don't think how her passive works is underwhelming. I think it needs a way to be sped up. And not just koxinga or a block generator. That's still not fast enough.