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6* Uzimant is so weak...

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  • 6* Uzimant is so weak...

    So, I just promo'ed him to 6*, now he's lv 57 but I'm already disappointed on how weak he is.

    First, he's too squishy but he's a warrior, that means he will be in the front line and die in 2 seconds.
    Second, his passive is all about auto attacking but what's the point when his damage is low. He couldn't even land a hit if the opponent keeps pushing you back.
    Third, he needs 3chain to start doing some damage, the problem is it is super hard and it only lasts like 5 seconds. You will not want him to be a leader becos others could be more useful with 3chain.

    My suggestion is:
    1. Buff his dmg/hp/armor
    2. Make him needs only 1 block to proc his extra neutral damage. Atk speed buff, however, can be kept for 3chain.
    3. Maybe instead of 3chain to get atk speed buff, make him goes on a rampage attacking faster and can't be knocked back. That would help him a lot.

    What do you guys think? Right now, he is in awkward position, couldn't tank, has no synergy with others, and his damage output is so pathetic even Monte is better than him...
    I regret wasting my bread on him now. :<

    Unless I'm missing something, If anyone know how to play him right please share.

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    Put him with Hikari with Attack Speed Skill Buff and ur warrior Attack Vamp Skill Buff, have a decent Vamp weapon and things surely gonna be interesting


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      May I ask what a vamp weapon is?


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        I did but Uzi would be dead before getting to use that Vamp skill. Also, he constantly gets push back n forth so he couldn't fully utilize his atk speed. In colo, atk damage got nerfed which means less bonus damage from his passive too. I've been trying so hard to make him good but no hope so far. -.-