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  • Extra resources in the mailbox

    Sometimes when i logged into the game, I found that there are some new resources in the mailbox (tickets, iron, meat, key......etc).
    I have no idea how Hangame schedule when to distribute those reward, but love the idea that you can collect a few additional resources from time to time by just logging into the game.

    However the problem is:
    Some of them are just collectable in 1 or 2 hours, sometimes what happens is that they are already expired before you even know there are rewards to be collected
    what is the point that even if you gifted loads of rewards, but they players dont even know about it!

    So here I suggest:
    Make a pop-up notification! At least let the players know there are something to collect, otherwise it is just meaningless when the rewards are already gone before the player ever noticed.

    Also some other suggestions:
    1. Extend the time of the reward could be collected, like around 5-6 hrs(optimal 12-24hrs), so we dont miss the rewards even for different regions' sleep time
    2. Schedule the reward on regular time basis if only for an hour (for example, you can only collect the reward everyday at 7-8, any certain hour, if you log in)

    All in all, dont make the giveaway so sneaky XD
    Please let us players know that you are giving away, so we can appreciate it and take the reward