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  • Hero Transcendence

    I was wondering how difficult Episode 7 would be...
    With only 6* heroes, maxed out berries, maxed out upgrade level. I'm going to predict that won't be enough to survive Episode 7.

    So I've came up with an idea. This idea is similar to the exceed level in the Megathread, but the search says they didn't know about the common word "transcendence" in those kind of games.

    Hero Transcendence

    Hero Transcendence is an upgrade system used for heroes to increase their max level by 4 levels per unit used, and the additional levels have higher stat inflation. For example: 6* Leon's stats had increased by 50% after reaching level 80 from level 60 (each level increases by 2.5% stats). The max level cap from transcendence is level 80.

    Legendary Heroes and Event Heroes can use any 6* unit of the same class due to the fact that they have limited collecting. Master Heroes can only use 6* dupes.

    So, what do you think? Any criticisms, any changes needed?
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    So how's that gonna work with premium heroes, which rarely, if ever, are made accessible to casual and/or free players?