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500 gems spent on Event and no Rebecca or Artiar. Please Fix!

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  • 500 gems spent on Event and no Rebecca or Artiar. Please Fix!

    Last summer I spend 250 gems in an attempt to get Artiar or Rebecca. NO GO! I didn't recieve either. I was very ****ed but "shrug" RNG sucks, so be it. Now after an entire year of lvling, saving, and building my team I chanced it again.
    And AGAIN after 250 gems spent I did not recieve either Artair or Rebecca. Now, I am very displeased with this. I still fully understand RNG plays into this but PLEASE HANGAME admit to me that something has to be WRONG if I spend 500 gems on an "exclusive" hero event and I still remain Hero less. THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN! On three of my 10 contract pulls I only recieved the final 10th being my guaranteed heroe (WOW thats horrible RNG) and not to mention a duplicate.

    This is the only opportunity through out the year to get these heroes. They were not thrown into the claw game so thats a no go.

    I am one of those players that tries to collect all the heroes. Well.... not any more. When this event rolls around again next year I will not be participating. Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you. ( I know thats not the quote but its more fitting )

    I am still a die hard player of this game and will still gladly continue to play but I will not be wasting any more hard work, time or gems on these two average Heroes at best.

    I don't expect compensation nor am I going to sit here and bash Hangame for the RNG. But please please please explain to me how this happens. OR consider making them the guaranteed Hero after so many gems spent!

    Thank you as always

    A loyal Crusader


    PS: Paleobread or Cinnaroll can you let me know that you read this? Thanks guys!
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    Sorry for the experience you've had with this event. RNG favors no one in particular, it's all fair grounds. Some people may have been able to get either hero for less or more. It's based on luck. But you will have another chance to get these two heroes


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      Thank you for the response!

      Keep up the good work