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    I was giving some thought to how to curve the difficulty problems people are running into with episode 6 and 7 as well as to add a little uniqueness and some QoL changes to game. Thus I came up with avatar heroes.

    Obtained by: 1st free, any after from Avatar Tokens that have a chance to be obtained in the pull10 hero contracts. Similar to weapon VIP tokens

    How they work: there is 1 Avatar hero per class (warrior, paladin ect) then when you get the avatar token (including 1st free one) you get to customize the body, face, hair, and block ability. The AH (Avatar Hero) has 25% increased stats of promotional heroes. Also could be the first heroes to get a 7* rank

    Their block skills: still working on these however I think each class should have minimal 3 different block skills so not every AH is the same. Will also add to personalization of the game somewhat.

    The QoL changes come with this hero would act in turn as you in game. So the story instead of showing your front lime hero would show your avatar hero. Would also free Leon from his stigma of being the "main" hero while he's not necessarily good in 6n or 6h or 7.

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    The problem with 7* heroes is that it ruins PvP. This is why people hated the feature of 7* units: it makes units able to wipe eachother with one BB. Today in Brave Frontier, one BB is all it takes to wipe a single squad in PvP. Soul Seeker, Soccer Spirits, and only a few games had used 7*. Soul Seeker's PVP feature had the units had buffed HP so their special attacks can't wipe eachother. Maybe something like awakening could work, where you get a purple star hero and it unlocks their EX Skill, and maxes out their skill block, and maybe in the feature we could awaken our Soulbound Weapons revealing the mysterious "Extreme" teaser.