Here are some genuine ideas for the next upcoming skins for these heroes. Any feedback is kindly appreciated ^^
So this has a fairy-tale and warrior theme to it.

Valkyrie Victoria (Warrior)
- Full armored
- Wings on the back
- Must have the helm and feathers on its sides

Rapunzel Teresa (Hunter)
- Same hair color and braided hair
- Blue dress (Victorian?)
- Tiara

Magical Genie Aria (who would have guessed lol) (Priest)
- Black / White hair and tied hair
- Change outfit to a genie style
- Keep veil and have smoke / clouds around her

Dragon Hunter Gon (Archer)
- A similar version of <Dragon Slayer Vayne> from League of Legends

Maleficent Vesper (Ohh, the reference xD) (Wizard)
- Keep horns
- Design better outfit

Royal Prince Hector (Paladin)
- No helmet
- Show more armor
- Improve cape and shield

Like this topic if you think these new skins should be implemented or share your thoughts if you don't Thanks.