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Multi Content Suggestions [Will Add more when I Remember]

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  • Multi Content Suggestions [Will Add more when I Remember]

    Housing System: Spend Gold and/or gem for furniture

    People can visit other players to see three heros and the homes they decide to decorate with, windows, wallpapers, furnitures, etc;

    Easter Event: Goblin that may come in dungeons will now have a higher chance, and will be a bunny goblin, or replaced completely with a bunny that drops easter eggs. The Easter eggs has random prizes, and maybe medals to be used to purchase items in the store instead of having to do quests for repetitive medals for ranking event.

    Valentines Event: World boss background has roses and flowers, all block attacks will be turned into chocolat’s blocks and will have rewards for completing the boss.

    CQ Drift Girls: You pick a goddess to drive a car and compete with other players in 1v1 or 4v4

    For best time, blocks will have an effect on your opponent or yourself, and there will be obstacles in the way. Tap the Screen to jump.