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Couple ideas to make the game good again

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  • Couple ideas to make the game good again

    I'm a big fan of crusaders quest and I really love playing it to pass the time when I'm bored. But lately I've noticed that some changes to the game made it kind of less interesting. So me and my friends got together and we agreed on a couple things that could make the game better again. For one thing. We thought that the update that changed the method to obtain berries to an exploration instead of fighting the beasts was a bad idea. I mean we get that it was changed to that in order to give low level players a greater opportunity to get berries, but honestly, we don't think that there are to many low level players anymore seeing as how the game has been out for quite a while. Plus low level accounts are most likely duplicate accounts that a single person made. We thought it would be great to change the berry system back to where you had to fight the beasts again. There's also an issue that me and some of my friends have been having regarding the premium contracts. We like to buy them to try to get good heroes like everyone else, but we think that promotion heroes have a higher drop rate than contract heroes since everytime we get a 4 star or higher hero, it's almost always a promotion hero. On top of that, we usually get duplicates of what we already have. We think that the drop rates for promotion and contract heroes should be the same but also that there should be a slightly increased chance that you get a hero that you don't already have (3 star heroes being the exception of course). Also we were hoping that there could be some sort of trading system between in-game friends. The way that it would work is both players have to be online and there would be limitations to make sure it's a fair trade. Such as a 6 star hero can only be traded for another 6 star hero. The same concept would apply for 4 and 5 star heroes. There could also be slightly less limitations on weapon and ring trading. For weapon trading, there could be no level restrictions as there are with hero trading however, 6 star soul bound weapons cannot be traded but 4 star and 5 star soul bound weapons can. A similar concept could be applied to ring trading except any level ring can be traded for any level ring so long as both players agree. There could also be an option to trade resources such as gold, bread, and berries (jewels not included). However, unlike the other trading system options, when it comes to trading player resources, one play could give gold to his/her friend and not get anything in return. I think these ideas could make the game much better than it is right now and I hope to see them in a future update.

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    I also suggested a trading idea to the game but I think it didn't get much votes Idk. I do disagree to you on one thing, is that I think that the new Exploration is a better idea because 1) It takes a longer time to fight the bosses and 2) It is beneficial for low level players and high level players.