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Follow up: Suggestions for the FORUMS

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  • Follow up: Suggestions for the FORUMS

    Hey, that's pretty cool. I got 250 views on my post. That's around 240 more than your average non-announcement thread. But that's not what I'm here for. Since that post was generally well received, I thought I'd follow up on it and include some well thought-out ideas (If I do say so myself) to both improve the forums and grab new users. Please, feel free to add on anything you think I may have missed. Constructive criticism is highly encouraged! Negative criticism, too, because at least you're boosting the view count.

    In order of importance
    From Greatest to Least

    1. Spread awareness of the Forums in-game.
    Seriously, what with the huge playerbase CQ has, it shouldn't be a problem picking up curious new members with in-game messages.
    Although someone (Several people?) were against it, I think another 'Social Media Connect' reward for joining the Forums would also help with this.

    2. Add more interactive gizmos.
    Look, it doesn't really feel like we've got a lot of wiggle room here. Add in some server clocks, maybe a daily poll, a live chat.
    Things people love, that allow them to be self-centered and express their views and opinions without starting a new thread.

    3. A 'Group' feature.
    We already have multiplayer modes, friends lists, & Global and private chats, so why don't we have groups?
    Sure, they don't have to be huge, but a cool roster and virtual hangout for your close friends would make people visit more often, and also allow the possibilities of in-game groups and group-exclusive events.

    4. A Friends list on the Forums.
    It should be self-explanatory, but a friends list would greatly improve communication, especially in combination with the 'Chat' feature mentioned above.

    That's really all I could think of. There's probably more, but I'm actually writing several things at once, and my thoughts are scattered all over the place, so I'd like to ask you, again, to inject more and more ideas. As many as you can, even if they're impossible, unreasonable, or outright dumb. And then, after we've created a big list of ideas, we can whittle them down to a manageable length and submit it to HANGAME, hopefully for it to fly off and become a permanent part of our stay here at the CQ Forums.

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    Haxic thanks for the suggestions we are looking into improving the forums and rolling out some new features in the next couple of months