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  • The Crusaders Quest Anime

    Ok so Crusaders Quest is super KAWAII as we all now, with amazing lore, a great story mode, and so much more, Now first off in my anime rant, the main character, No not Leon Ketchum, I was thinking maybe a first person view, or a big branch story, changing from different characters in the game, and then coming together In a big mind blowing type of way. you guys already have the entire story mode in Japanese so really the animating is what has to be done, aside from the main story, you could have like in depth character analysis episodes, for example, R-0's programming, with Benjamin, her evolution, fighting with V and Monte, etc. I know that the chance of this happening is slim, but the music, the characters and the story all, make me think that this could be killer, if anyone wants to add to this idea feel free, who knows maybe the devs would give it a try, leave a like if you wanna see it happen!

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    AtomicAlex dude i hope one day we get an anime i need waifus


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      Yeah man,there are so many lose ends in the lore,it would be really cool in the anime, like how the Secret heroes arrive in Hasla and stuff