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Tower of Crusaders/Secret Dungeon/Town

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  • Tower of Crusaders/Secret Dungeon/Town

    I was thinking of some ideas from Summoners War. Summoners War is one of the most popular Brave Frontier-like games, so lets maybe inherit some ideas.

    Tower of Crusaders:

    The Tower of Crusaders is a tower of heroes roaming to compete against the greatest heroes awaiting up to the top floor. At the top floor, the final boss will be met.
    You use 2 keys per floor. There are 50 floors. Every 5 floors, there is a reward ranging from gems to legendary contracts. Legendary contracts summon from 4* to 6*. Clearing the other floors (or again) will only give you gold ranging from 500 to 3000
    The Tower resets monthly, so be sure to clear all of the floors before the reset!

    Secret Dungeon:

    Now this is something your friends get more of a use: Secret Dungeon inspired by Summoners War. Very rarely, if you clear a certain quest mode, you'll discover a Secret Dungeon. The Secret Dungeon is a dungeon where a specific hero roams. You clear the dungeon (requires 2 keys) and you get a piece to summon that hero. Common heroes include 3* heroes needed to unlock new skills.


    I want to be able to build my town in Hasla, and I want to upgrade it. I wonder what the people in this town are up to. With gold, you'll be able to unlock new buildings:
    • Gold Mine: Allows you to collect 2000 gold every 5 hours. Can be upgraded to give a maximum 6000 gold every 4 hours.
    • Crystal Lab: Fuse your extra powder/fragments into fragments or crystals.
    • And some many useful buildings.

    Achievement System:

    That's the most basic thing, why is there no achievement system? Upon completing a certain task, you will earn some more gold/gems/exp, depending on the achievement. You can earn gold (easy achievements) and gems (hard achievements).