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Create special Old Weapons that can be forged into collab and time-limited SBWs

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  • Create special Old Weapons that can be forged into collab and time-limited SBWs

    One problem I have with the way CQ handles collabs heroes and time-limited heroes (like Jin-Kyung) is the way their SBWs are distributed. Getting them for free in the mail is great -- don't get me wrong -- but the problem is that we only get one per pull. If the slots on such an SBW are poor, the hero can be rendered ineffective. This puts the player in a situation where he or she must use premium currency (i.e., VIP Tickets from Golden Chests bought with jewels, or Bridget Points) in order to fix said SBW. I don't think this is fair. When it comes to SBWs of standard heroes, players always have the option of forging more Old Weapons in order to get the exact SBWs they need, RNG permitting.

    So here is my suggestion:
    • Create a special class of generic Old Weapons.
    • When these special Old Weapons are forged, they can only produce a collab or time-limited SBW.
    • All collab and time-limited SBWs would be possible to forge at all times. So for example, players would be able to forge KOF2 SBWs even after the KOF2 collab ends.
    • If the pool of possible collab and time-limited SBWs is deemed too big, you could rotate which SBWs are possible to forge on a daily or weekly basis. For example, for one week, special Old Weapons would yield only GG1 SBWs, and in the next week, they would yield only GG2 SBWs, and so on. It would keep rotating like this indefinitely.

    In this way, players would have the option of spending premium currency to fix their existing collab and time-limited SBWs, or try forging new and better ones.

    Why not just add collab and time-limited SBWs to the standard pool? There is never a guarantee that a collab will return. A new player who forges an Old Axe and gets May's SBW may never get the chance to pull a May. This creates an unfair situation, so I think it's better to keep collab and time-limited SBWs in a separate pool.