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Reevaluate Some of the Daily Attendance Rewards

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  • Reevaluate Some of the Daily Attendance Rewards

    I think some of the daily attendance rewards have not kept up with the pace of the game and are therefore outdated. Consider modernizing them. Here are some suggestions:
    1. Gold -- The amount of gold given out for the whole month is 22,000. For established players, this is pocket change. For new players, while it may seem like a lot of gold, it really does not go very far when every gold transaction in this game is expensive and/or dependent on luck.
    2. Meat -- All the amounts are quite low and everyone would benefit from them being increased.
    3. Honor -- I don't think established players would mind if this category was scrapped because honor is in no short supply. However, when thinking about new players, who have to promote their first heroes through the ranks and transfer skills, 1800 honor for the whole month does not seem very substantial. Increasing the amount of honor given out would help new players transition through the beginning portions of the game.
    4. Weapon Chests -- I think the 3-star and 5-star weapon chests are quite useless, especially the former. For old players, these chests just add junk to their weapon inventories that they have to take the time to clear out. For new players, while receiving weapons that are still above their ability to get through other means is helpful on paper, the random nature of these chests means that they won't necessarily produce useful items. Moreover, by the time a new player enters his or her second month, these chests may already be obsolete for them. Replacing them with a VIP Ticket (please), Iron, or Crystal Powder, would be much more useful.