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This should significantly improve colo gameplay

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  • This should significantly improve colo gameplay

    1. Leader hero must have at least 2 blocks on the 5 starting blocks.
    2. Each support hero (non leader) must have at least 1 block on the 5 starting blocks.
    3. Block generation should use the same rule as above for every 5 blocks generated. (The order of blocks within the set of 5 blocks can be randomized.)
    4. Base block generation should be identical for both teams. The criteria can be: leader, support front, support back.
    5. In hero selection screen right before colo match (vs AI), opponent leader should be shown to allow players to prepare better strategy.

    I believe they will allow better gameplay in colo. Too many times that I have strategized properly but lose because my team doesn't function at start due to unlucky in blocks received (Alex dont start with any block, whole team killed by arita in 2 secs; Abel not getting any block in the first 10 blocks, leader not getting any block in 5 blocks, etc). I have prepared a strategy but cant function well because of bad block generations. I mean it's not my fault but I get punished, not fair. Such is broken, shouldnt be like that in pvp. With better block generations, fair play can be ensured to the next level that allows tournaments to flourish.

    They are the basic idea, doesn't have to be exactly like that but you get the idea.


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    Yesterday my Mamba & Teresa got killed in 1 second by enemy Arita because my Alex didn't get any block in first 7 blocks. Happened twice in a day, 2 tickets wasted. My team was pretty much sabotaged by the system. Hangame y u sabotage my team? Not cool man.


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      To be straight it sounds absurd. The random % of getting blocks is a core element in CQ. If you want to counteract that in colo there's buffs you can buy with gold.