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Angelic World Boss/Optional Goddess

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  • Angelic World Boss/Optional Goddess

    I was thinking about what if there was another World Boss that revolves around guarding and parrying.

    Aufheben, Goddess of Ruin (a.k.a the smallest World Boss)
    Description: Celine needs your help. She has sighted an evil creation by the Order of Goddesses called Aufheben ready to take over Hasla. You have to defeat her.

    Stage Strategy:
    Description: Most of the time, you have to bring Sera as there are cases of timing required. There will be buff removal and lighting strikes, so better bring Sera to resist the thunderbolt to avoid getting crushed. Then, you have to use 3 blocks/2 blocks to parry her attacks to avoid getting crushed.

    Reward: Rare to Legendary Berries/Gold

    Oberon the Thunder Goddess:
    Description: A Thunder Goddess said to be taken by Aufheben to be her energy. Now, after being rescued from the Order of Goddesses she aims to fight for Hasla.

    Power: Speeds up block generation (same speed as prologue) and adds resist/armor penetration (200) for 5 seconds).
    Effect: Golden thunderbolts hit your heroes and they go berserk.

    Unlock: Clear "The Truth" (final level)