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  • General Enhancements To The Game

    Hello everyone, I'm here to suggest some general improvements that CQ can look into to improve on. I love this game a lot and it makes me thrilled to see the dev team pumping in new updates on a constant basis. Sadly I feel like there are some polishing that can be done to make the gaming experience even better.

    Here are some ideas/concepts

    Present changes: Updates that can be done right now.
    Increase the amount of words you can type in chatboxes.
    (A lot of the times I don't feel like talking due to the limited words I can fit in here.)

    -A more engaging hero forum. (Increasing the word count here will help too. Especially for people making detailed subjects on the hero. Another possibility would be showing the poster's hero, the level/weapon/upgrades and etc....)

    -Coop mode overhaul. Ability to chat with the other player while inside the room, allow hero switching in the room.

    -Messaging components to your friends, like a PM or Mail system.

    -UI/ Voice Lines enhancements: General UI updates like hp bars, damage texts and implements of new voice lines.

    Future changes: Bigger updates that can be looked into for the future of CQ

    -Additional CooP/ PvP mode or a colosseum update. Colosseum is really simple and that's not a bad thing! However it's time for some upgrades to make it more complex. Another simple update would be adding more ranks in colo instead of just "Master Rank" and going up by percentages. (example: bronze-> silver-> gold-> platinum-> diamond-> Master-> Grandmaster etc.....) Similar to the portrait concept.

    -Accumulative system. For example, the ability to stack a ton of powders/irons to craft a specific SBW you want etc... I know there is the Brigade Shop for this but I just feel like it's not enough. I also realize this can be a controversy as CQ is highly based on random chances, but It's probably a system that must be implemented as more heroes and their sbw come out.

    -Guild system: This will be a huge hook especially something for the end game players to work on. It could also provide the extra game mode from above with a guild battle system.

    -Shop Varieties: Perhaps more things you can purchase, especially items with gold.

    -Goddess/Hero Awaken: With how simple it is to "MAX BERRY" a hero, CQ is crowded with end game units and feels easy at times. CQ needs another "progress bar" at the tip of each hero's hat, a hard one too. People may complain about grinding but depends on the method it can be fun as hell. (I'd rather spend a thousand hours working on my favorite hero than starting to max berry random units I don't even like or need)

    Thank you all for reading this, some suggestions might seem unnecessary or even silly but I just wish to see CQ grow more and more on the right path. It's a wonderful game with great staffs! The community itself is also amazing, filled with enthusiastic fans and talented artists. Once again big thanks to dev team for providing us with this game and the illustration artist too! (
    Really wish to see who you are! I just love your artstyles)

    Good ideas, I'd like to see them implemented as well.
    Won't make a difference/ Unnecessary.
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