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Goddess button (inherence update) + form team slots

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  • Goddess button (inherence update) + form team slots

    Greetings Hangame staff,

    Since the new (today) S2 update, I encountered a improved game experience in about every aspects of the game ! Please, keep this game updated as you perfectly do and people will stay and have continuous fun !

    Goddess button

    From all the enjoyable stuff you brought us here, I have a small change to suggest you. It's about the goddess button. At first, it fits correctly to put this button à the top bottom left of the screen with the champions as is it near our thumb. Then, I started to fight with a 1-c spam team and I couldn't be as effective as before. Why? Because when I was spamming 1-chain blocks before the update, I was also using my second thumb to spam goddess really quickly. Now, with the button, I have to stop spamming blocks, and then click a few times on the button to know when the goddess is ready, or when the effect lasts for good. To sum up, it's decreasing my experience of the game quite a bit because goddess have an important role to play, even in PvP. So, I'd guess that even in PvP, when you want to spam goddess really quickly sometimes while keep spamming blocks, if you have to lift your thumb up you miss the point. Moreover, the small icon is sometime difficult to aim as I quickly want to spam it and I seem to miss the button 1-2 times out of 3-4 tries in a rush. It's probably justified for the champion to have it's button there, as it's use isn't as crucial as the goddess, but I'd definitely undone the button from the last update, OR, another good suggestion would be to ask the player in game setting to set the activation of the goddess (from button), or tap on screen. I don't think this would be hard to code as you have the old code from it. I also tried to reverse the block spam to use my two thumbs (one spamming on the left and the other for the god button). Unfortunately I am not left handed so I'm not comfortable with this configuration.

    Form team slots

    This one is easy. Why giving only 15 slots for team creation, when you have more than 200 heroes with 10 000 possibilities of combinations ? I think everyone will agree with me that more slots need to be available. That would be cool to have it infinite actually.

    Best luck,

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    Hey MazaX thank for your suggestions we are looking to improve CQ with the help of the community.