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    - Goddess button mid fight: I think the game setting should allow player to put it in any corners as they want or at least on the left hand-side since after the season II update, right-hand-side fingers are required to do more works since the left one not actually doing anythings -> this help the process of using block become more effective as it was in the past.

    This thing is really useful to be honest. Unfortunately, some of the hub after update got it bars remove such as Gear(the new Gear hub is very detail, but it inconvenient as we don't have the bar), it take time to scroll by hand.

    - There are lots of cheaters just doing bunch of things around the game without being banned which make me feel it is not worthy to pay for the game, so a report button would be recommended for the game, possibly put it in the setting options. (it take more time to create an account in the forum then make a post about reporting players => we prefer somethings quick)
    - Why won't devs add the vote for mute button or somethings since there are lots of scammers using bots to scam other newbies or spam information or using their own language which is very annoying to other people, why not allow us to vote to mute that person instead of letting the bot do the jobs?(sometime i got muted for no reasons) -> I did suggest this before.

    - As you know there is a setting allow you to access Fos, primal flame, Challenge and quest real fast if you put it in the setting option. Unfortunately, It will re-clear the data and disappear again after you turn off and open the game again.(a bug)

    HEROES BALANCINGplease note that I am talking about the heroes at their 6* rank)
    - There are a few heroes that need to be buffed,re-work andNERF.
    + Sirguna/Dara: skill animation too slow not allow em to move -> take like years to finish a campaign mode map -> When I finish the boss, take me liek 2 minute waiting for Dara to run the whole way from the beginning of the map to set up for victory pose => please allow them to fun while using the skill or do somethings at least.
    + Demeter: compared to Archon, there is no point to use a Demeter since Archon is faster, dealing almost the same damage also Archon can buff penetration for allies. Whereas Demeter summon the field starting the field from her as a depart point( it limited the distance the scarecrow can travel, which is really really really slow to do the job) so increase the range of the field or summon fields under enemies' positions so the spinning scarecrow can spawn right at enemies position which will solve the problems.
    {Demeter has been nerfed last update, it was a right decision, but she also need a buff for another field(Skill function).}
    |_> please note that not only about c-1, but also c-2 and c-3 should be working the same, the picture above is only to make my words easier to be understanded.

    +++While Demeter have to summon the field then wait until the normal scarecrow run to the enemies and hit them to activate skills(take approximately 2-4s depend on how far it is from Demeter's position to enemies' positions).
    +++What Archon do is:
    Boom, the Lightning drop down right at enemies head + spheres. How convenient and fast it is?

    ===> please make Demeter worth as she should be as a contract hero which is rarer.
    >>> same thing to Sasquatch(ice mage), his skill is slow and have it range very limited
    ==============The Old Generation heroes are being forgotten =================
    Such as:
    + Archiles: stats are low compare to the new generation and promotable heroes, Also soul bound weapon's doesn't have any special of cool effect which is not worth upgrading unless the player are collecting as they are satisfied with the heroes gotten.
    + Susanoo/>re-work suggest: Boring skill's animation, less damage even when it is Neutral damage.
    + Chai/>re-work suggest: Boring skill's animation, she is a healer but her soul bound weapon does not really work as she meant to be a healer at all(like a chaser instead).
    + Sasquatch: limited range, can't deal as many damage as the other mages, (stun spam was the funniest when playing him in the past but it got removed - that was not overpower at all, he did not deal much damage and can be counter by other heroes)
    + Thor: low damage(I love the previous version of Thor, he is strong but it won't be possible for this situation since inherit will make him goes overpower), can't tank good as well, can't protect allies well.
    + Stein/>re-work suggest: he is still useful but not at all, he can not protect teammate really well as before anymore, people won't use him for Colosseum regularly also for campaign mode, why?
    * the 3 second cool down make it is too risky to use (when dealing with high damage target -> get one shot suddenly) [I'm more about challenge mode]
    + can't spam SP, the essential of doing campaign mode (unless the Dps{high damage heroes} hero can carry the stage).
    + D'Artagnan: how about adjust to give her more penetration in her soul bound weapon?
    + Sneaky(Viper)/>re-work suggest: Boring skill appearance, low damage compare to others hunters.
    + Wilhelm: I don't even see his skill's animation, it is fast but low damage, short range, same problem to Dara, Sirguna.
    ================================================== ================================================== ==============================
    + Joanna(Joan of Ark): Shall be buffed to be more tanky than what she is at the moment since Evasion is not a good stats anymore
    + Gon, Robin Hood, Nazume, Kaori, Lionel: they are fun to play but the damage does not matter anyone.
    + The Combo _Neo_,_Layla_,_Mel_: At the moment, they are Champion's donating materials due to being useless in fight, ugly skill's animation - I give them 8/10 points for cuteness(10/10 is my Vivian[Vivi is fun but the inheritance just make she become a bit useless due to the mage goes tanky] <3).
    + Rahima sbw/>re-work suggest: I wonder if she was in the wrong spot, she should be a healer or a tanker with her soul bound weapon passive.
    + Yichui sbw/>re-work suggest:
    *10/10 for cuteness.
    *0/10 for soul bound weapon's passive since it is a mess => she need to break her shield to let the bunny do the job -> but she is a mage so she will definitely need protection form tanker, which is really hard to break shield. Also she loses her chance to summon the Bunny King while being stunned. Bunny King's recognition for enemies positions is bad => sometimes it just stay immobile.
    About Fergus events(this is my opinion - made me upset actually)
    - Please don’t ban heroes such as Demeter, Archon, Dox,.. - Do they make the event easier? Yes - Do all people can get them easily? No - Are they going to be useful? No - Is banning heroes going to make players unhappy? Yes => so please don’t ruin our waifu-favorite heroes => don’t create your children then deny them, show them respect and love.
    - This man gave people sicks(New users are special targets for him):

    + Dionne's goddss ability is called 'The Raging Storm'. Upon activation, shiny lights will erupt below enemies, will deal damage equal to
    5% of the enemy's maximum health, and knock them up high in the air. After the attack, the precision of enemy attacks decreases by 50%.
    ====> OK I know this is hard, All I want to say here is She should deal an amount of damage that what her skill's passive say, not just a stupid shield hit points or somethings, Although it will make the game easier, but it what devs have creates and she will means to be like that, please don't ruin it - not fun at all ;( (I use Dione's skill like 30-40 times is it still can not kill the boss).
    +Dione's skill's debuff are too easy to be counter by anti debuff heroes.(It should not be so).

    ************************************************** ******
    ************************ Cosmetic **********************
    The Hero town and Impelis city:
    - I like the fact that we are allowed to travel to a new places with new landscapes but then why do we met these old characters(Briget, Legendary bloodsucking man Fergus, the old guard, Chocolat) why not new characters? I think it will also easier for devs to create new events with the new characters and memes too
    - I want more funtions shop/store/houses (specially heroes' home) on the street.
    - Why don't/won't we have more villager/citizens walking around the street on the roads?
    The Hero house:
    - It would be better if user can decorate with 3 to 4 layers as they can do some more combination which make the houses more colorful.
    - Not only inside the house, how about the street, I hope we will be about to make our street look more colorful.
    + Should we be allowed to buy the hero in the future or make some update on it? such as exp buff, meat storage, honors increase when doing somethings.
    - reduce items prices, some are too expensive to get.
    **************** Reward *****************
    - The rewards from the repeat quests are unbalanced, I think we are suppose to gain more gold from the quest more than just 2000 golds and a 4* piece of cake for clearing the stage => how about meat, some potion with less effect?, Oh also some random quest shall be more fun as we can achieved more variety type of rewards - I don't think we have this at the moment.
    - Honors gifted from friends are too few compare to any other methods of farming/getting honors when another user use my hero too, only 3 honor does not really say anythings, exp up a bit when going with another user's heroes is good but it doesn't mean much to those who have strong heroes that can do high level stages(E.g, my Lupeo can solo carry third map - episode 2 - chapter II within 30-40 second + Remi, so it can give two other hero an amount of experience that help them level up to 51 - ez life). So there are no points for me to use other user's heroes.
    - Challenge mode give too much irons, too much sigils(also not worth much money to sell) since getting a 6* sbw is hard when it take like 3-4 days to farm Crystal fragments and Crystal Shards.
    - Golden soul box shall give more iron, Crystal Powders/fragments/Shards. than just 1500 since Soltar at stage 10th is 2-3 times harder to kill than stage 9th.
    - + The last stages of episode 1 chapter I shall give the user a 4* promotion hero ticket instead of a chosen hero will make the game more variety type of heroes used or at least, do it randomly.
    ****************** Stats **********************

    - + As you know the Inheritance system give heroes a big amount of hit points. That is it, that broke the game with the Strong hero such as:
    V-berserker, Drake, Necron, Alex(heroes have skills rely on hit points).
    + It is not easy to farm a book without paying for the game, since farming may give users a Hunter's book in a chance and inheriting only give hit points for the first level - o-o, => it 60% useless since a hunter tense to deal damages instead of tanking for other heroes.
    - Give Evasion and Accuracy a buff, it not worth using as it was anymore.
    - Sigils: It do the same thing like Inheriting, too much hit points while adding too few other stats such as Accuracy, evasion and critical chance (about 1.5-2% per sigil while it give even 6000 hit points per sigil).
    => the stats should be adjusted to be balanced -> challenge mode stats may need to be change too.
    - buff Evasion stat, buff Evasion stat, buff Evasion stat, buff Evasion stat.
    - Some skins had it stats unbalance/higher than the others(same price, same hero)(e.g No.9 Bunny skin and another one)
    ****************** Other Ideas *********************
    - Allow New user to chose more legendary hero instead of only Leon, why not allow them to choose one in between Leon, Melisa, Roland, Cano, Teresa, Demona.
    => I don't really want to see just Leon going around the bonze and silver ranks all the times.
    - More competition like Coloseum in the new city?
    - More activities to do while users are out of meat or waiting for popo to go away?
    - Tsukino Kurenai, Instead of a 3* hero, why don't allow to use her as a 6* hero, it took us a lot of efforts to get and only a 3* hero is not deserved => we shall get a strong one :>.
    - Suber smask battle babee!

    - More goddess skill activation's voice line(1 is not enough).

    - Fix the random number generator(RNG), there was an Event said there is rate up for the following heroes: Wolfgang(what I want), Shasha, Chai, Wilhelm. I did paid for the game for 100 jewels and I can't get even a single rate up hero (this happen many times already, I watched the achieved hero feed on the chat channel, same thing, no one seem to get one rate up hero. Few players said it a fake rate up(what is it). I hope it was an error created, not like what people saying so please take a notice about the game RNG.

    - I'm thinking about 7* heroes in 2019 but it probably will not happen *-*.

    There will be people who are not agree, that is fine, not all people have the same ideas, it is just my opinion
    Post in what you think.
    IGN: KuroMajin
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