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  • New Content Suggestions Poll!

    We've gathered some of the suggestions requested most by our players, and would like to see which idea is everyone's favorite!

    Do only vote once!

    Please understand that even though we send all suggestions to Korea, making new content while keeping up with bug fixes do take a long time and a lot of work. Keeping this in mind, we think it is best if our dev team knows which idea is the more popular so that they can focus on creating that content first. However, this isn't a guarantee that any of these suggestions will actually be implemented (depends on development schedule, compatibility with game, and other factors).

    Do feel free to post a reply on what other suggestions you would like to see in this poll, as well as your specific ideas for the suggestions already listed. If a poll idea gets support from at least 5 people, we will add it to the current voting list.

    Have fun!
    Higher level rewards from playing hard mode
    A Crafting System- ability to merge extra bread and weapons
    Guild System- make new friends and chat with them in game
    World Event- a battling or event system that involves everyone's participation
    Expanded Quest Storyline- better quests with better rewards
    Achievements or Quest Log- get rewards for completing certain achievements
    Pet Collection- Collect pets to take into battle with you
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      Originally posted by Viras View Post

      Instead of pets, I read that as "peets," but I get the excitement :P.
      Was a Associate Product Manager for Crusaders Quest

      Don't be mean to pandas!


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        Achievements would be nice =D

        PS: I miss my sweet Choco ;(
        On my early days, I didnt knew that promoting changes characters.
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          I would extremely appreciate event dungeons. Dungeons that need more than just high dps, like the bread dungeon.


          I would like to add that adding a puzzle aspect to limited time dungeons (maybe like 2 weeks or so?) would spark players' desire to acquire and train more units by encouraging them to form more creative teams.

          ALSO I would like to add that, it could easily be tied in with the other suggestions, like pets and a new crafting system. First time clear rewards could involve items that cannot be easily obtained anywhere else, and I don't know, maybe an achievement for beating the whole dungeon for the first time.
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            I like the idea of both pets and world events. Sadly i have to choose one. And thats Events. But if your foing to do events please make sure the events or worthwhile. Like brave frontier, brave frontier have raids, elemental arenas and more. But you knwow what the best thing we all loved about them? They gave us a challenge to get exclusive units you cant get anywhere else and gems. And im not talking about 3* only exclusive units im talking about 4* all the way to 6* Heros. The catch is you have to keep trying and replaying over and over to get it, and once you finished you get a 5gems to rare summon more units. Everyone knows that olle ting and getting units feel so rewarding and fun.

            So what we hope that you adopt from brave frontier is the following:

            Frontier hunter: a event where people competw to get points during each wave. Reaching a certain amount of points gives you whatever reward you earn.

            Elemental arena: although crusader quest is not tied to elements how about class restricted arena fight s like all warrior fights or all mage fights.

            Exclusive unit dungeon: normal mode has slim change of getting a unit hard mode have a greater chance! And the units you obtain from the dungeon has there own evolution list. Pleaase.

            Raid battle: you already now what that is, although maybe we can have 2 people connect with raid and dungeons raid. Also each wave have a mini boss until you find the mega boss with awesome loot.

            Theres more to come but you guys may already know, If not research it there are games like p.i.x.e.l deffenxer of pixles or brave fro tier and many more!


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              heros above 6 Star. or trade heros with friends who keep getting the same heros over and over.


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                Originally posted by Ouroborus View Post
                heros above 6 Star. or trade heros with friends who keep getting the same heros over and over.

                In my opinion 6 star is enough, and that would require way too much content for that to work. Trading system for games like these would be totally gamebreaking, because it obviously will give players with multiple accounts a huge advantage.


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                  can i vote for All =


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                    Hi, what's about legendary weapons, Is it like A Crafting System in the second choice ?

                    My suggestion , make a poll on facebook fanpage , you will get more vote.
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                      Can You Guys Do Guild And World Event To Go Together Please ?


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                        Err Pet collection so greats


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                          Please include skill removal. The current system does not allow you to remove skills. we are only able to replace a skill not totally remove them from the character


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                            A tough choice. But as I can only choose one, I chose Events.

                            I spend around 3-4 hours a day playing CQ so more events will generally give more good stuffs to most people. Loved the past events so far so keep it up.

                            I think we should focus on heroes and creating more heroes is better than introducing a pet system. It just creates more work and a feature that is not really relevant to heroes.

                            I'd love if you can do something about 6* weapons because right now there's almost no other way for a player to get it BY HIMSELF without tag teaming in WB. It's hard to find a good partner in WB and the glitchy matchmaking/connection seems to make it worse. At least give an option for someone to solo an Awakened WB, or maybe allow us to promote weapons as we do for heroes. You can set normal/premium weapons like a normal 6* would only have 2 slots and premiums have 3 slots and better stats... stronger weapons that are actually accessible will help people to complete the HARD mode...


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                              The World Event would be an amazing addition to CQ. It would give the FB groups something new to chat about. We may even be able to talk over strategies and gather people up. It would be nice to have something new to do

                              But honestly, I think that the craft system would be better. The reason why is that the World Event will not keep players busy for long. World Event sounds like a huge thing and I'm sure that there won't be a new event daily. I think what we need is a craft system of which players look forward to day by day. There need to be several dungeons throughout the week that players look forward to farming the materials from and it needs to be quite difficult and puzzling. It should have one of those "give me bread and I won't eat you" thing, but made random so people have to think