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Coloseum Keeps Crashing!

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  • Coloseum Keeps Crashing!

    First off my wifi connection is perfect and I am using iPad mini 2. Now, Why does this only happen in colo after the battle? The game will hang, I will try to wait it out for a few minutes but nothing will happen so I will restart the game and this will cause the colo ticket to restart as well! Ain't that annoying? 3 times in a row!!! You do realize how important TICKETS are right? So I am really mad! I've already post this concern in your Facebook about a week ago. I noticed this bug or whatever this annoyance is start happening after the last update. Please do something about this! I keep losing my tickets just like that, I'll take it if it's a loss but ****! I loss it over crashing? And I am not having any ticket rewards for the trouble. i am playing fair and square ever since I played this wonderful game. So please do something about this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! More power hangame and crusaders quest!

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    Same here for me. This week only counts 9 losses already!


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      Thanks for the report folks the team will be looking into this.


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        colo bug version 1 : stuck after winning battle, boom, character dancing and music only.. xD

        colo bug version 2 : happen unexpected, after selecting hero to battle in colo, and boom, stuck there, (no loading, no movement, just music playing), auto lose battle

        luckly only 3 times happen to me,
        Device ASUS Zenfone 2 android lolipop
        Char name : kinggen
        ~ ooo may 6 star Bread ~