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Mai SBW Bugged

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  • Mai SBW Bugged

    (CASE 1 Mostly this works fine if you click the block slowly, (mai will do fire dash 2nd skill passive)


    (CASE 2 IF your mai is already shining bright (effect of max skill)
    and you dont feed her with 3c block, and you spam her with only 1-2c (ally or her block)

    and then after your ally do 3c spam, she will only do fire stick throwing,

    (CASE 3 Note : easiest way to produce this bug is spam mai 1c after she is shinning, and do 3c ally spam, see it.

    solution for now :
    must wait until she stop shooting, and do 3c ally after it.
    weakness is, in story eps 7 you have to suffer the hit from those freaking boss while waiting your mai to stop shot the little fire stick !!!!

    nb : not me alone suffer this issue,
    only some that have mai as main attacker know this bug,
    some of them say hey it's normal for mai. ??? (yeah, see CASE 1). but not with case 2 or 3

    Tested with crew : woompa, mew, kim , joan

    [ KingGen ]
    ~ ooo may 6 star Bread ~