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Account Recovery or Name Change: Lyichi

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  • Account Recovery or Name Change: Lyichi

    Hi, recently I deleted an account of mine in hopes of freeing up the name so I could start over.

    As it turns out, this didn't free up the name, so I sent an email to support because a bit of googling suggested that they might be able to help free it up.
    I've been told now that it's impossible to free the name up from the deleted account, so I instead asked if the account was recoverable.
    They then replied that deleted accounts are lost permanently and cannot be recovered.

    Is this really the case? From what I can tell from other threads, people are able to get their accounts recovered somehow. How come mine can't?

    If possible, I'd like to just get the name freed up somehow so I can reuse it, or simple recover the account so I'll just carry on using the name.

    IGN: Lyichi