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Deemo event too long and chat broken

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  • Deemo event too long and chat broken

    Just calculated how long it will take me to get 20mil in deemo event at the rate im going 1mil per 15h*20=300h
    300h is about 12days and 12h T-T why are they doing this to us?

    And my chat is broken and blank now

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    you are not the only one who play this game, please consider that there are many players who dont have "your 1mill per 15h" time to play this, I think it's fair since the dungeon itself can attract many new players to install and play this game which makes more benefit for developers, and 34 days, I think its make sense since that they update the game once in 1 month, so when this event is come to an end, we will have the other update/event. Learn something for other perspective.


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      What do you mean by that amount of time to play has nothing to do with how long this event takes 15h isnt how long im playing its the amount of time to get full tickets which means when i wake up i get 2 tickets after work ill have like 3 or 4 tickets what im saying is for it to take 15 to get all five is kinda long


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        Like I said you're not the only one who play this game, I think 15 hours is not that long for this newly-found dungeon system, what do you want then? keys refresh every 20 minutes like common dungeon key? said you can finished it in 12 days and 12 h, what will you do when you get in 20mill in short time? getting bored and want the devs to do something more? Besides we have colo ticket that refresh every 2 hours, dungeon keys that refreshed every 20 minutes, and meat that refreshed for about 10 minutes, what will happen if this dungeon keys refreshed every 1 hour? we'll lack of sleep because the rewards are so hilarious though this event has no system like collection event that makes people race with time to get specific rewards when they get specific ranks, I'm sure that some people will be in rush if the key is refresh in less than 3 hours.
        What I want to say here is, stop complaining mate , have fun and enjoy this dungeon, its 33 days to go and we dont have to rush in time like the collection event, by the time this Deemo collab over, we will have another event or update for us, so sorry If I offending you


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          Sorry havent been on the forums in for ever and the event is over XD but what i was saying was that it should have been refreshed every 2 hours because then we could have finished it i a little over a week
          I work about 9 hours so it wouldve been nice to come back to almost a full set of tickets