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Friendly duel lag (all devices)

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  • Friendly duel lag (all devices)

    Confirmed on my smartphone and NOX-emul.
    All of the game runs smoothly except Friendly Duels in Colo.
    It's lagging so hard. So big delay. Like i press the chain or goddess skill and then there is 2-3 seconds while they actually pop up. On the other side, all of the abilities enemy do works instantly.
    So i press 1c block on my Pyrrha to start gaining team damage, but it works only after 2-3 seconds, and +1 second for pyrrha animation. In this 3-4 seconds i'm already dead.
    Team of fully maxed Nora+Aria+Pyrrha with SBF dies in a second to almost anyone.
    And i see that not only by my side. It obviously some enemies in duel exp. exact the same. They just "suddenly" die in from of me sometimes.

    So what im i leading to - friendly duel looks a complete mess without any player's actions involved. You enter - 1 second you press all you've got - one side suddenly dies.
    Here is some examples of my experience.

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    And here is what team "Nora+Aria+Pyrrha" can really do (ep7 hard 2-1).