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V bug in LoPF Hidden Path

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  • V bug in LoPF Hidden Path

    So..., here I was, finally trying new teams after months using the same Dox, KOFthena and May to clear Oda LoPF.

    Then I discovered how quick you can clear using V. And wow, discovered the hidden path in the last map (condition unlocked when you clear the first 2 waves within 20s).

    (New team: V, Yuria (L) and Dox)
    I fought the frogs preboss, got REKT by that stupid Croco reflect, got my Res by Yuria, Hippo's phase.
    In this phase, you gotta SPAM lots of blocks to leave his hug. And when I finally got rid of it: surprise!
    V is stuck in the same spot using her blocks. She even does her V slash, but stays in the same spot. Wont move a bit.
    So now I cant clear the map anymore, unless V dies before Yuria, but thats impossible since V is tankier, more HP and all has Rev Hammer instead of AoP...

    ****, stupid Hippo and its imobilize....

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    Thanks for your report, the team is reviewing this issue, sorry for the inconvenience!