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Lost soulboxs, support kits, etc

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  • Lost soulboxs, support kits, etc

    Subj. I lost a LOT of soulboxes, support kits, witch boxes, even new some coverless books, 6star sbw boxes,etc.
    The problem is - when i pic on "recieve" the stuff, like some boxes, etc, it says - "successfully acquired", like this

    and then - nothing! I not recieve a money, or crystal shards, or food, or whatever! I checked it, and not getting anything! From fortress of souls last and pre-last floors(lord of souls) i don't recieve soul box and golden soul box ether! It just says - "successfully acquired". ***?!
    But, some other stuff, like money, or bread, or battleoids is gettin successfully for real, like this, on 2nd pic

    Please, fix that or say, what i am "doing wrong"?
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    can you send in a ticket


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      What's a ticket? Explain please


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        Please click the link provided below to contact our customer support so that they help you further with this issue