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    Straight from the printing press. Here's some additional info on the new Maze Mode: Click image for larger version

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    Maze Summary
    : Made of a total of 50 steps of battle.
    = You can enter the Maze after LV 50.
    = You can only participate with 5-Star Officers or higher.
    = There’s a food cost when finishing the battle. (No food consumption at the retreat)
    : HP and Energy do not recover when finishing the battle, and will be saved until the next battle. (Similar to Crusade mode)

    = Enemy Officer’s HP will remain the same at the time of re-challenge. But enemy’s energy will reset.
    (Uses tactics at the same time.)
    = If the Officer dies during the battle, you cannot join the battle again until the next day.
    = You can revive the Officers 1 by 1 using Ingots. Revive count can increase up to 24 times according to the VIP level, the cost will increase as well.

    (Modified 12/27) (100 Ingots~500 Ingots)
    : Team Bonus of the descendants of each kingdom does not apply in the Maze. HP recovery buff decreases by 66%, which makes Healers more important.
    : Enemy Officers get more than 50% of res. per one element. They also have negative res. to one element. (
    (Modified 12/27) = Fire>Nature / Cold>Fire / Lightning>Cold / Nature>Lightning

    (Left side of the sign is stronger. Ex: Fire is stronger than Nature.)
    = Light <> Dark
    = This
    synastry system only applies in the Maze. It does not apply in any other battles including Crusade, Scenarios.
    : According to the element of the Maze, there can be traps such as Poison, Thunder, Fire, etc. You can avoid them using the tactics such as Recon, or overcome using Res. Relics.

    : Instead of low HP recovery rate, you can pick one tactic out of 3 random ones at the start of the battle except for the Boss Battle.
    : 3 random tactics will be displayed.
    = Ding Gong: Recovers the Energy when successful. When failed, a little bit of damage is done to allies.
    = Recon: Doesn’t get caught up in the trap when successful. When failed ally’s Energy is decreased.
    = Heal: Ally’s HP recovers a little when successful.
    = Rest: Ally’s HP recovers when successful.
    = Tactic Meeting: Ally’s Energy recovers when successful.
    = Counterattack: Enemy’s HP decreases when successful. When failed ally’s HP decreases a little.
    = Raid: Enemy’s HP decreases a little when succeeded. When failed, ally’s HP decreases.
    : As the Maze step goes forward, tactic success rate drops.

    Click image for larger version

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    : Weekly rankings. Rewards will be sent every Monday 06:00AM (Korea Time) via mailbox.
    = Standard: Ranking goes up as the higher step you go, and the shorter the accumulated play time is.
    = Play time is a sum of all the battle times when each battle ends.

    (Sums winnings and losses altogether. Doesn’t count the retreats.)

    : 2 Challenges will be added.
    = Explore the Maze: Accumulated Victory
    = Conquer the Maze: All clear

    - Relic system & items will be added.

    : Relics are from 1-Star to 4-Star. Higher grade Relics are more powerful, but are harder to get.
    : Relic Button will be added to the Officer Placement screen, where you can see the Relics you own and upgrade them.
    : One Relic deck has the limit of 12 Star points.

    = You can only wear 3 4-Star Relics.
    = You can combine Relics such as 444, 4431, 3333.
    : You can upgrade the Relics with the same kind of Relic. Gold will be spent at the time of upgrade.
    = 1-Star Relic can be upgraded up to LV 15
    = 2-Star Relics can be upgraded up to LV 12,
    = 3-Star Relics can be upgraded up to LV 9,
    = 4-Star Relics can be upgraded up to LV 6.

    Click image for larger version

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