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Patch Notes [2/08/17]

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  • Patch Notes [2/08/17]

    Greetings Warlords!

    Here is the latest patch notes for today's update:

    New Features:
    Nation Officer Resumes have been added. These resumes will give out one officer from the specific nation the resume represents.

    Added 2 additional game options.
    • Display Locked Officers as Favorites: Used to show the Locked Officer at the top of the Officer list.
    • Whisper: You can now allow / block whispers from other players.

    Level 24 boss skill attribute changed from Light to Dark.

    High food cost Scenario and Maze stages may drop more than 1 event item.

    Skill Changes:

    Lu Xun (Wu Bowmaster)
    : No. 2 Skill [Bolster]’s target will be changed as follows:
    : Before: Allies Row 1, 2
    : After: 4 character surrounding the Allies

    Bug Fixes:

    Fixed an issue when secondary buff effects are displayed but not the first ones.
    : When applying multiple buffs that are being displayed at the same spot, they will now be displayed every 0.3 sec.
    : Internal effect works properly as usual.

    Cao Ren (Wei Bowmaster)
    : Fixed No.3 Skill [Flurry of Arrows] which was displayed as “Increase Attack Power” instead of “Reduce Attack Power”.

    Fixed an issue where an ‘Unable to obtain Gold’ message popup is not displayed when entering the maze even if the gold is no longer available.

    Fixed an issue where the officers are moving separately due to a dialog event when moving in wave in the maze.

    Fixed the trap effect where it is displayed awkwardly due to inconsistent activation time of the Maze Counter Attack Trap.

    Fixed an issue where the Maze Boss’ Dialog Event would not display the Wave Boss as the center of the event.
    (ex> 1-3 monster used to appear in the1-1 Dialog Event, but now the 1-1 monster will appear)

    Once the player clears the Maze Wave, the officers will stop their motion and will move faster.

    Fixed an issue with the sound effects and music slider bars not being displayed as max volume.

    Fixed an issue where the 1 time Stage Rush button is not being deactivated at the Elite Stage upon using all of the participation allowances.

    Fixed an issue with Dong Zhuo’s [Tactical Counter] Skill Purge FX which was not being displayed to some of the characters.

    UI Changes:

    Rearranged event icons to streamline the experience.

    Monthly Attendance, Returning Reward, Attendance Event, Charge Event, VIP Reward will be redeemed automatically.

    An Event Menu will be created which allows players to check out all in game events active at once.