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Patch Notes [6/29/17]

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  • Patch Notes [6/29/17]

    *Content Update 6/28/17*

    --- Bugs Fixed
    - Skill chain error when leg binded

    - Immunity activated during clearance

    - Various skill errors when invincible

    - Wen Qin uses his skill chain to himself

    - Sima Shi's 1st skill display error

    - Guo Jia's 2nd skill explanation changed

    - Wen Yang (4th skill), Wang Yi (3rd skill), Bian Huang Hou (3rd skill) error fixed which only attack single target.

    -- New officers

    - 7 new officers added from Warring States

    - Various team effects added for Warring States

    -- New Costumes

    -- Equipment

    - 2 equipment added for Quan Cong

    - 1 equipment added for Sun Lo Ban

    - 1 equipment added for Cao Bi

    - 1 equipment added for Si Ma Shi

    - 2 equipment added for Yuan Shao

    - 3 equipment added for Empress Dong

    -- Ride

    - 1 ride for Liu Bei, Liu Chen and Liu Xuan

    - 1 ride for Yuan Shao, Yuan Shang, Yuan Shu

    - 1 ride of Cao Bi

    - 1 ride for Si Ma Shi

    - 1 ride for Son Quan, Sun Deng, Sun Lo Ban

    -- New Upgrade/Function

    - Boss Battle

    -- New difficulty added on Boss mode

    -- Rewards amount increased and partially changed

    -- Balance adjustments made

    - Skills which activated when officer dies will also be activated when in status effect

    - Status effect is available to apply to Chi You from the beginning of the battle but Chi You's attack power is
    slightly increased

    - When you upgrade ATK, resistance against other elements will be increased rather than dmg reduced.

    - Meng Huo's 1st skill effect increased from 6 secs to 8 secs and 20% to 30% nature attack

    - Xiahou Yuan's 1st skill energy reduction increased from 20% to 50%

    - Zhuge Liang's 1st skill effect changed to 45% Attack speed reduce for 6 secs and 4th skill effect changed to dmg reduce 10% for 10 sec.

    - Jiang Wei's 3rd skill effect increased to 10 sec.

    - Sun Ce's 1st skill hitting time reduced to 8 time and 3rd skill will occur once even there are multiple critical
    hits during using 1st skill

    - Yan Liang's 2nd skill target changed to 3 random enemy in 2nd and 4rd row

    - Ta Dun's 2nd skill attack increased to 20%

    - Ke Bi Neng's 2nd skill will be activated when attack enemies and effect changed to DMG. reduction for 10 sec.

    - Wen Pin's 3rd skill attack increased to 66% and target and effect changed to all enemy get knock down for 3 second

    - 30% energy reduce effect added to 3rd skill of Xu Shu

    - Huang Gai's 3rd skill attack increased to 66% and knock down increased to 3 sec.

    - Lady Chu's leadership increased and it will start from 403 and increase 3.9 per level and also 2nd skill changed to max. 3 enemy from 3rd row and 20% attack reduce for 8 sec.

    - Lady Zhu Rong's 3nd skill changed to shield of the guild

    - Wei Yan's 4th skill attack increased 30% and knock down time increased to 3 sec.

    - He Yi's 1st skill effect changed to stun 4 sec, reduce lightning resistant 20%

    - Zhang Jiao's 3rd skill target changed to all ally and 4th skill activation condition reduced to 7 time of attack and attack increased 100%

    - 20% attack increased during 6 secs added to Seo Hwa's 1st skill

    -- New/Changed Team effect
    *Wu Kingdom

    - Lu Xun and Son Huan (ATK and DMG. Reduction +5%)

    - Tao Huang and Zhongli Mu (ATK +5%)

    - Zhou Yu and Lu Su (ATK and DMG. Reduction +5%)

    - Son Huan added to Sun Family
    *Han Kingdom

    - Huang Fu Song and Xu Rong (ATK and DMG. Reduction +5%)

    - Xu Rong and Dong Zhuo (ATK and DMG. Reduction +5%)

    - Chan Gong and Mi Heng (ATK and DMG. Reduction +5%)

    - Empress Dong and Dong Zhuo (ATK +5%)

    - Empress Dong, Diao Chan and Lady Chu (ATK and DMG. Reduction +5%)
    *Wei Kingdom

    - Empress Zhen, Bian Huang Hu and Zhang Chun Hua (ATK and DMG. Reduction +5%)
    - More
    - Treasure box from Banquet Hall upgraded
    - Get 2 to 4 Star equipment obtained from Treasure Box
    - Get 5 or above Star equipment obtained from Premium Treasure Box
    (6 Star equip is guaranteed from 10 consecutive gacha)