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My bonus king rate is bugged

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  • My bonus king rate is bugged

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Before Shu rates is coming today (27 March 2017) My bonus gate for King Character level is going to 80 percents.
    (I can't remember exactly number but It is not higher than 83 percents) and I decided to refills money for get ingots to use for collect for King character bonus gates.

    But feel likes something went wrong after I purchased 10 recruits for Shu pack and I found out all bonus gate is gone and I am not get even King level character from that bonus rate!!

    So I has listed all my Question below to request you clarification to me :

    1. Is this bonus game bug or not ? Because after I purchase one of Shu special recruit with 3000 ingots. I use 150 ingots to spend on daily bonus in recruits.

    2. If it is bugged, Can I get anything back for this accident ?

    3. What if it is not bug, How bonus rate system work?

    However, I still want you to check my accounts even I am misunderstood about system. Because I will feel worse for sure. If it is bugged on my account.

    My account Details :
    My ID No. : 5855000124350546
    IGN : AtSnailSpeed
    Server : SEA

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    Please contact the administrators for the region you are playing from. They may provide you with a better answer.