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Sell or Delete a Recruited hero?

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  • Sell or Delete a Recruited hero?

    Hi Admin.
    I've just downloaded and played this game and there's a problem I just got.
    I recruited Zhang Bu 3* then recruited him again with 4*. Now I got a problem here, I can't recruit Zhang bu 4* again because I've already have Zhang Bu 3*. The recruited Zhang Bu 3* can't be sell or delete. It just can be Awakening by sacrificing Zhang Bu 4*. It's such a waste on recruited gold to use a 4* to awakening 3* ...
    So please make a solution for this problem.
    Btw, Thank you for creating an awesome game like this.
    Have a nice day.

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    Thanks for the heads up Targoras, we'll look into this!

    We are happy to see you are enjoying KS


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      use your Zhang Bu 3* as food to raise other hero experience through that it will be deleted from your "recruited officer" tab... then you can now recruit your 4*


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        How I even make a new topic on these forums?


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          Originally posted by Liaomiao View Post
          How I even make a new topic on these forums?
          Click on any of the sub forum, from there you will see a "New Topic" button near the top left of the screen. It will be in a blue box.


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            Hmm, not seeing a blue new topic button, I must be missing something really obvious
            Seems that I can only post replies for now

            EDIT: Ok, I went to the Guardian Quest and Crusader Quest forums and see the 'New Topic' button on most of the respective sub forums (not announcements, events obviously)

            But for Kingdom Quest, this is not available to any sub forum

            Are you sure this isn't a mistake at your end?
            Last edited by Liaomiao; 11-29-2016, 05:57 PM.


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              You were right! We recently updated our forums, the option must have been switched off. Check now