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  • FAQ - Check here first!

    Q: What type of game is Kingdom Story?
    A: Using a complex system of damage types, classes and abilities, Kingdom Story (KS) is a high level strategy game with RPG elements. Each officer has their own unique abilities that can be leveled up at the player's discretion. The abilities that you choose to upgrade can be the difference between victory and defeat. In addition to the combat, there is also a resource management system that powers the whole thing. KS has something for everyone!

    Q: How many officers are there in the game?
    A: The game has over 60 officer currently, with more on the way!

    Q: Why can't my officer become a 7 star?
    A: In Kingdom Story, officers are very different from one another. Not every officer can become a high ranking hero. In order for a officer to become a 7 star hero, they must be of 4 star quality or higher when you acquire them.

    Q: My officer is at max level, why can't I rank them up?
    A: The officer must also be upgraded to +5 before it can be ranked up.

    Q: What does it mean to upgrade an officer?
    A: An officer can be upgraded in the training center by sacrificing another officer to the officer that is being upgraded. An officer with a lower star rating than the officer being upgraded have a reduced chance of successfully upgrading the officer. Officers must be upgraded to +5 before they can be ranked up.

    Q: Is there PVP in the game?
    A: Yes, there are a few options for PVP.

    Q: Do I get to invade other players?
    A: Not as of yet, but there could be in the future.

    Q: I have plenty of free officers, but it still won't let me appoint a viceroy. Why is that?
    A: Viceroys must possess the Manage Base specialty which can be seen by scrolling down on the officer page of each officer.

    Q: What allows an officer to attack from the 2nd or 3rd rows?
    A: Each officer has a designation. These designations can limit the positions that the officers can fill.

    Q: Is there a way to recruit a particular class?
    A: Not currently, though it could be implemented in the future once we evaluate player data and draw trends.

    Q: How do I upgrade my skills?
    A: Skills can be upgraded from the skills tab at the top of each individual's officer page. Don't forget the skill books!

    Q: How does the equipment get upgraded?
    A: Equipment components can be obtained in a variety of ways, these components can be combined on the equipment tab of the officer page.

    Q: What can I buy in the store?
    A: Within the store, you can purchase food, gold, gold ingots and several packages that include -some or all of the previously listed items.

    Q: What does the symbol on the left-hand side of the officer stat page mean?
    A: The symbols indicate the type of damage that the officer does.

    Q: When I appoint a viceroy can I still use that officer in battle?
    A: Yes you can, but if they are on a mission you must wait for the mission to be completed.

    Q: How does domination work?
    A: The map is full of territories that can be conquered. Each of them has a number above them to indicate the recommended level for them to be completed.

    Q: At which level does domination become unlocked?
    A: Level 10.

    Q: How can I get new warriors?
    A: Warriors are rewarded from stages as well as star accumulation within levels. If that is not enough, there is also a warrior draw with a few different options for getting new warriors.

    Q: What are medals and how do I get them?
    A: Medals represent new officers that you can get by collecting all of the medals for that particular officer. The medals can be rewarded from stages.

    Q: What is equipment for?
    A: Equipment can be used to boost the stats of an officer.

    Q: How do I level up my warrior’s skill?
    A: With a Strategy Manual and some gold you can upgrade each skill.

    Q: What are Strategy Manuals and how can I get them?
    A: Your base can provide you with some of them through the Academy. Some are also given as rewards from battle or achievements.

    Q: What are Gold Ingots and how can I get them?
    A: Gold Ingots are used to purchase other resources as well as to speed up production. They can be obtained by accomplishing tasks and achievements or by purchasing them in the store.

    Q: What is the point of having a base?
    A: Your base is where you store all of your resources. I also contains all of your resource generating buildings as well as buildings to upgrade your warriors.

    Q: What is a chain skill fusion?
    A: Certain combinations of officers can work together in battle to create special attacks.

    Q: Can I revive a warrior during a battle?
    A: Not currently.

    Q: I keep getting killed on “X” battle, what can I do to get past it?
    A: Use the warrior training center to make your warriors better in a number of ways. You can also upgrade your skills and equipment.

    Q: What are the device requirements?

    - From Galaxy S3 (ARM Mali - 400, memory 1GB)
    - OS version : 2.3.3

    - From iPhone 5 (memory 1GB)
    - OS version: 8
    - iPad: 3rd generation
    - iPad mini: 2nd generation