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    Dear GM,

    Hero balancing is a main component in any game to take care carefully.
    I have studied all the hero available and found there is a hero of Shu that exceptionally stronger in base stats compare to any hero in any kingdom.
    His stats between 700 to 800 which no match for other heroes that has 400-600 base stats.
    Despite from the stats he inherits skills that will create havoc anywhere in any difficulties.

    One last thing he has base hp 7000 while great tankers available such as Xu Chu, Pang De, Wei Yan, Xu Huang, Ma Dai, Zhang He are around 5000 and his role is not a tanker...for real?
    Actually, I have compared his 4* base stats with my 5* one of the best warrior in the kingdom that just similar.

    Here are his stats (4* base)
    Force: 799
    Intellect: 595
    Leadership: 842
    HP: 7191

    You could compare to any awesome tanker and attacker in the whole kingdoms like: Xiahou Yuan, Xu Chu, Jiang Wei, Huang Zhong, Xu Huang, Wei Yan, Pang De, Zhou Yu those are great generals and their average stats between 400 to 600.

    Actually I am willing to trade all my great hero for him, Xu Chu, Xu Huang, Xiahou Yuan, Zhu Huan, Sima Chun for him...seriously!

    This guy should be a 5* from the start instead, not a 4*.

    Please review again about hero design and balance issue.

    Regards and thanks
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    Which hero are you talking about?


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      Originally posted by PaleoBread View Post
      Which hero are you talking about?
      Thank you for your reply Paleo.
      Definitely the only one hero with that stats is Zhao Yun
      His base 4* stats are slightly better compare to 5*Xiahou Yuan or Cao Cao or Liu Bei, or Sun Quan, Zhou Yu to be frankly Zhao Yun's stats are similar to any 5* great heroes in the game.
      He has 7191 HP and highest attack in the game that reach 842 raw damage.
      I agree that he is a great hero but not with this stats tho.



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        Cool, thanks for the heads up. We appreciate your feedback.