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  • Premium/Special Recruit feature

    Hi GM,

    I have a suggestion related to the recruitment (Special/Premium) feature in the game. But before i tell you my suggestion, let me walk you through a bummer that i had first.

    Many players (including myself) dream to have a team consist of strong heroes. And we, try to achieve so by drawing in a premium/special recruit which we pay using gold ingots. While collecting gold ingots itself may presents a challenge for some players but we are glad to have been promised to be given a certain 4 stars hero using 10x draws. On the other hand, the feature also promises us to be given a certain hero with the reference of the king when the gauge (on the bottom center part of the screen) has reached 100%.

    so here is the annoying part:
    as i try so hard to fill up my gauge, i drew so many 10x draws. And when it reached about 93%, i was planning to make it into 100% by doing a 10x draw so that i could make another draw to get a certain hero from the reference of the king (as it is stated). In this sceme, i would have two certain heroes (1 hero guaranteed from 10x draw, and 1 hero guaranteed from the gauge). It turned out the system did not stop the gauge in 100% when i made 10x draw, in fact it surpassed 100% and in the process i get only one hero (yes it is hero with the reference of a king). The thing is, if the gauge did stop at 100% when i made the last draw, i would have a certain chance to get at least 2 4 star hero. This kind of thing really bummed me since i (and maybe other players) have made efforts to fill the gauge.

    So my suggestion is maybe Developers can consider to make the gauge stops at 100% when players make 10x draws even if the actual accumulation would have surpassed 100%. So that players (like in my scenario above) could have 2 fair chances to get 4 star hero.

    I would also bring the Developers' attention to the imbalance of heroes in the game (as i have read another player have brought this topic in another thread). My additional question is, why Wei nation only have one S-tier hero (Zhang Liao) while other have at least 2? Statistically it is really unfair, while some players may argue it can be helped by making a compatible Wei team, but other players may not be as lucky as other and we like the idea to have more options on S-tier hero in Wei nation.

    Hope this thread could gain the attention of the Developers, I really enjoy the game so far and care enough to write this quite long words LoL