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  • Wei Over powered

    Wei has this new Meta (pvp style) thats taking the PvP ranks and tossing out all the hard work that many other players have done.
    in many other nation teams you see a ascend with a +3 or +2 ,but with the new Wei crowd control team it can be a team just out of ascends ..+0.
    most the time they don't even have full points in the skill they have used ,its locking up teams Examples.
    no tank wei can face a team and lock them out of attacking with 2 different ,silences 2 different Fears ,2 different slows. And by the time you recover from one attack the other is on you.

    This is unfair seeing as how many teams have has +2 ascend or more and that cost a lot of Ascend stones ..up into the 600+ ...100 ascend stones cost 80$ USD.

    the Wei team can go into battle with just spending 30 stones each member ×6 =200 stone and beat a team that has more ascends.

    I will follow up with the pvp pics around my rank.

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    Ok it won't let me upload from my phone , but check the PvP ranks above 50-110


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      This is a suggestion from the Discord Channel