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I've been walking all day and haven't caught my first Pokemon!!

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  • I've been walking all day and haven't caught my first Pokemon!!

    I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I've been walking all day with Guardian Stone and haven't seen any Pokemon at all. At first I thought I saw a Swindler Imp in Gehenna Plains but it must have ran off. I was hoping to buy some Incense from the Goblin shop to help attract more Pokemon but I didn't see any. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug?

    I'm also confused over the 'Types'. I assume Captain Blanco and Megan are water type? Yuna is an Ice type. Shaorung, Kalid and Theurgist Merhem are Fire. Electric would be Master Gordon andmMy Lightning Strike and Chain Lightning attack are obvious Electric types. Grass type would obviously be Dryas. Would Prince Paul be a Grass or Bug type? Fighting type maybe Rockfort or Howard the Ironhook? Maybe Kuno? Poison type would be Nina Mari or Hathor? Flying type would be Altai or Philip the Nightguard? Maybe Christine and her Hawk? Psychic would be SheHera or Anubis? I assume Swindler Imp is a Bug type? Seriously, we could use some more bug type guardians! Rock type would be Erik the Rockfist. Ghost type would be Great Elder Abraham or Agnes? Dark type Olivia, Freya, (voodoo) Babalu, etc. Steel type maybe Fegus mac Roich, Gawain, Elpidios, etc. Fairy Olive Starbright.

    I don't know who the Dragon type would be but I think those would be VERY cool!

    Regardless, I haven't encountered ANY of these Pokemon yet! I haven't received any candy.