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Japanese title name ideas!!

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  • Japanese title name ideas!!

    Hello people, I am Keita Machida from US. I just love to write poems, novels, articles and other lil lil quotes. I am going to publish my own poetry book but yet didn't find suitable title for it. Most of the poems are related to fairy/princess stories,love,romance but only one condition is there, name should be in japanese language. Please suggest me some valuable title name for my book. Names should be unique, attractive and beautiful. As i don't want commonly used names, want some antique one. Thanks in advance.

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    I really love to read novels and poetry books. Congratulations for publishing your new book. Here are some suggestions, Hope that will help you!!

    Aron poetry
    Ayo provider
    Fairy book
    Book of love/blessings
    Raina stories in short
    Uki day
    Ramon Love
    Love Forms

    That's all the suggestions. Hope you will like all of them. All the best. We are waiting for your book.


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      Thank you so much for your appreciation and suggestions. According to meaning, i choose "Raina stories in short" and i really love that name because it really sounds interesting and cute and i have check its meaning on google, meaning is also really good and relates with my stories. Thanks again for your support. I really dun have any words to say thank you. God bless you.