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Can I play the Korean GoStop if I am in America?

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  • Can I play the Korean GoStop if I am in America?

    Hi, I'm new, so please be understanding with me.

    I lived in S. Korea for 9+ years and really enjoyed playing the game Go Stop. Now that I am in the US, the game occasionally asks me to "verify my phone number", and it only gives me the south Korean carrier options (KT, SK, LG, etc). But I don't have a S. Korean carrier, because I have Project Fi service from Google.

    I would like to continue using Shin Mat Go / GoStop while living in the US.

    What can I do?

    Thanks ^^

    Here is the link for the game I'm talking about on the Google Play Store... (

    Also, it would be great if the game were "multi-lingual", so that I could understand what all of the in-game options are.

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    You can try reaching the team here: unfortunately there isn't much more we can suggest.


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      Update: Anyone in the US can enjoy this game. All you have to do is sign in with Naver instead of Google Plus. Once I had created the Naver login, I was able to play the game. Enjoy!